The Institute strongly believes that all students must build in themselves a strong discipline. Knowledge in a person without discipline is like the horses of a chariot without reins. There is no control and hence it is directionless. To this end, the students are enjoined to strictly follow the laid down code of conduct and discipline.

The attendance for the tests, tutorials and practical conducted in the college is compulsory.

 Students must have minimum 80% attendance. Students running short of attendance will not be

permitted to appear for the university Board examinations.

 It is imperative that the students strictly adhere to the day of opening and closing of

holidays/terms/semesters during the academic year.

 The students should not cause any damage to the Institute’s property. The damage caused shall be compensated by the student.

The students must always carry their identity card and produce it when demanded by the authority.

Consuming alcohol, smoking, chewing of tobacco and other such activities are strictly prohibited in the Institute premises. The students found guilty by an act of misconduct or antisocial activities within or outside the Institute shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and may be expelled from the college.

Student should read notices displayed on the notice board regularly. The college will not be responsible for the loss of any advantage due to negligence of reading notices on the part of a student.

The college office should be informed in writing any change of address/telephone number of the students with immediate effect. It is mandatory for